Stretching Abilities… Breaking Records… Creating New Categories

Records are meant to be broken. And usually it’s an incremental improvement. But every once in a while, a record gets shattered to the point that the new record-holder finds themselves in a category of their own.

The 2015-2016 Golden State Warriors have broken a number of NBA records, including the most games won in a regular season (73), the best start to a season in all of the major professional sports in America (24-0), the longest regular season home game winning stretch in NBA history (54), the first team in NBA history to go without back-to-back losses, and quite honestly, the list of broken records goes on and on and on.

But as the reigning MVP from last season, Steph Curry didn’t just break the 3-point record along the way to leading the Warriors this year. He obliterated that record. It’s been demolished. Destroyed. Shattered. As if the final tally entered into the records system was a typo. But the truth is, Steph’s been in a category of his own all season long. A category that didn’t exist before.

A fantastic visual is all it takes to display very simply just how much Steph Curry’s 3-pt performance this year is simply Off the Charts. Curry already held the record, at 286 3-pointers last year. Because breaking 300 wouldn’t have been enough, this season he also passed the 400 mark. Much has been said about this achievement, and here are a few more fun and thought-provoking graphs to put this new record into perspective.

Whether you’ve been following this season closely or not, you won’t be disappointed to spend 5 minutes checking out an incredible highlight reel of passes, alley-oops, and naturally, no shortage of amazing 3-pt shots by Steph this year. Many of them, from well beyond the arc.

So hat’s off to you, Steph, for another remarkable year. And thank you for being an inspiration to us all. To come back from your 2014-2015 league MVP season and stretch your performance to the point that you blew past any semblance of incremental improvement in 3-pt shooting, is quite amazing. You’ve totally wrecked the curve. Disruption achieved. Well done.

In challenging ourselves, and each other, may we not limit our ambitions to simply inching past current records. Rather, let us aim far beyond the perceived limitations, and let our achievements redefine success.

— Stretch Yourself!