The Bay Area… Silly by Design

I grew up in the Bay Area, and returned there after grad school to start my family and my career. I’ve been in start-ups, working in design, analytics, data science, and product management. A little over 3 years ago, my family got off the increasingly insane Bay Area train, and moved to the Seattle area, where we’re looking forward to another glorious summer in the PNW.

So much about the Bay Area is amazing. From the now well-known success stories of start-ups launched in garages, to the incredibly fast-paced culture where no idea is too far-fetched, too far-reaching, or too ambitious… If you’re not proposing something nearly absurd, then you’re not pushing the envelope enough.

The Bay Area is a unique, inspiring place. Truly a land of opportunity. It can also be a rather ridiculous roller-coaster ride. If you haven’t experienced it, you should consider getting on for at least one loop around the track. It’ll stretch you in more ways than you expect, and amidst all the twists and turns you just might find your own sweet spot.


“My perception is that much (but not all!) of Silicon Valley is riddled with these sorts of people. Smartest in their class, impressive degrees, ability to ace whiteboard interview problems, but very little ability or desire to relate to teammates or even customers as human beings.”

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imagine – Keep Stretching!

This post is a great call to action. The same one that inspired me to stretch my rubber band  and start my blog. Whoever you are, wherever you are, whatever your story may be… Keep on stretching your rubber band. Stretch to the left… Stretch to the right…

Re-thinking things through an Autistic filter

Since being diagnosed with autism in my mid-30s, I’ve been re-thinking a lot of things. I’ve spent a lifetime of trying to appear to be the same as everyone else. I’ve been watching. I’ve been studying. Every book, article, overheard conversation, brings me that little bit closer to passing for normal. I’ve spent a long […]

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Keep on stretching your rubber band now

During my college years I enjoyed a rich exploration of music across many genres, including jazz, blues, reggae, and especially funk. The old 5-disc cd player was on constant rotation, as music accompanied study sessions, inspired soccer juggling shenanigans in the backyard, and lit up many a weekend party.

Many albums became classics, such as the “green funk” and most memorably the “orange funk” cds, which were compilation albums that drew many requests. One of the universally loved albums, and one of my personal favorites, was and always will be Funkify Your Life: The Meters Anthology.


“Stretch your rubber band” is one of the songs in The Meters Anthology, and I take inspiration from it tonight as I kick off this very first blog post. May we always challenge ourselves to stretch our minds, our beliefs, and our assumptions. May we continually push ourselves outside of our comfort zones, as humble students and compassionate teachers along life’s journey. Stretch it to your left, stretch it to your right.

My intent is for this blog to become a repository of reflections and musings on many topics, including music, books, documentaries, technology, business, products, and language. I look forward to this new journey of expression. May it be funky.