The objective of this site is to inspire learning and action, by challenging us to stretch our assumptions and expectations for how the world works, and how we can contribute towards making it a better place.

Inspiration can originate from any medium and any experience, including books, articles, blogs, podcasts, music, conversations, musings, dreams, nature, etc. Get inspired. Be inspiring.

Challenging ourselves to expand our knowledge base, to be open to a new perspective, to revisit an old assumption, to define an ambitious goal, to kick off a brave adventure, to master a new skill, and to share in life’s lessons along the way, is to unlock new opportunities and incite change. Go for it.

Stretch yourself. Get uncomfortable. Push yourself. Out of your comfort zone. Break the mold. Challenge assumptions. Set ambitious goals. Blow past barriers. Be a great student. A fantastic teacher. Apply what you learn. Start something great. Make a difference. Have fun. Reset the destination. Enjoy the journey.

— Stretch your rubber band.



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