Keep on stretching your rubber band now

During my college years I enjoyed a rich exploration of music across many genres, including jazz, blues, reggae, and especially funk. The old 5-disc cd player was on constant rotation, as music accompanied study sessions, inspired soccer juggling shenanigans in the backyard, and lit up many a weekend party.

Many albums became classics, such as the “green funk” and most memorably the “orange funk” cds, which were compilation albums that drew many requests. One of the universally loved albums, and one of my personal favorites, was and always will be Funkify Your Life: The Meters Anthology.


“Stretch your rubber band” is one of the songs in The Meters Anthology, and I take inspiration from it tonight as I kick off this very first blog post. May we always challenge ourselves to stretch our minds, our beliefs, and our assumptions. May we continually push ourselves outside of our comfort zones, as humble students and compassionate teachers along life’s journey. Stretch it to your left, stretch it to your right.

My intent is for this blog to become a repository of reflections and musings on many topics, including music, books, documentaries, technology, business, products, and language. I look forward to this new journey of expression. May it be funky.


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